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UX/UI Crimes #1: Comparably.com

Been meaning to start this series for a long time. Get ready for this Hall of Shame to expand like Jared Fogle‘s list of prison suitors. I clicked on [hangs head in shame] some click-bait in my Twitter newsfeed to … Continue reading

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I Hate Widows & Orphans

Is it just me, or does DRY come to mind when we look at the image below? If, for no other reason, to improve the appearance. I realize the recruiter–not the candidate–prepared the document, but it still … know what … Continue reading

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What is Instructional Design, really?

7 Job Requirements for Real Instructional Designers Real Instructional Designers are teachers. We take knowledge from Subject Matter Experts who don’t have the skills, time, or desire to pass along their expertise effectively. Just because you can use Storyline, Camtasia,¬†or … Continue reading

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