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Tabs vs Spaces Personal Preferences

I’ve always preferred tabs. While binge-watching Silicon Valley, I was totally on Richard’s side … at first. Then I thought, “But wait, if I used spaces, I might not have that problem of my code getting all ugly and confusing … Continue reading

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BMI Calculator

I made a BMI calculator for a course I’m fixing on Bariatric Sensitivity. The course discusses bias and discrimination experienced by bariatric patients. I thought it would be a neat insight to have a handy BMI calculator right next to … Continue reading

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Printable Certificates In Storyline ++

I found a Storyline tutorial for creating printable certificates– something our users have been requesting as long as I’ve been at my day job. There’s certainly nothing about the functionality to criticize but there were several things I immediately wanted … Continue reading

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Them High-Falootin’ Fancy Words

Like a lot of Storyline slaves users, I base my pieces on Powerpoint files people send me. After I’d had quite enough, I offered to teach a Powerpoint “lunch and learn” thing. I’m quite pleased with how well-received it was … Continue reading

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Storyline Simulation Scenario with Variables and Javascript

One of the rare projects at my current employer that allow me to use some thought, theory, education, skill, talent, and creativity. I’ve been increasingly beating Articulate Storyline into submission tricking it into looking like something a grownup would use … Continue reading

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Greet Storyline Users By Name

As much as I hate Storyline, this little (yes, I even think it’s worthy to be called a) hack makes me smile every time I see it in action. This little bit o’ JavaScript grabs users’ names from the LMS … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Killed eLearning

I rant about this frequently both on this blog and in real life. I’m linking to the article below so I have easy access to it when I need to start ranting and want to quote it. Full disclosure: I’ve … Continue reading

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