And, We’re Off

Everything is working. Everything is awesome. It helps to document everything. All of that documentation is growing over at what will be and is my new blog at

Before I move the current Stakeout files over to the new host, I have to install PDFtk (the whole purpose of getting my own VPS) on that server. So, I have to learn how to download something on a remote computer using the command line.

I can’t even express how awesome all of this is. All of the mistakes and learning is amazing — except when the mistakes and such are the fault of crappy tech “support” and “documentation.” Even when things take days and multiple tries, I dig it.

So, downloading something via command line …

Ultimate wget Download Guide with 15 Awesome Examples

Ah, wget — I’ve heard of that and, according to cauon on, it’s my friend.

wget vs curl: How to Download Files Using wget and curl

Ah, yes, curl — I’ve seen that even more often.

wget seems easier (and supports recursive download but I’m not really interested in that):


That would download the file to the current directory. This, to me, has always begged the question, “Does it matter in which directory I download?”

curl, on the other hand, supports oodles of protocols beyond the FTP and HTTP supported by wget.

Two other articles I’ll definitely be checking out later

Tecmint has so become one of my favorite sites. Everything is so well written and informative.

Back to the wget-ing … Once I’ve installed the rpm, can I delete the rpm? Is it like a pkg or tarball or other installation files I’ve used and deleted when I’m done? And … am I supposed to be deleting the pkg‘s? Recent reading makes me think I shouldn’t.

Downloading went fine. Step 2 of 3 is, “install libgcj, on which pdftk depends.”

Unfortunately, Ye Olde Terminal told me, “No package libgcj available. Error: Nothing to do.” Time to consult The Google.

I must say that I’ve been so happy the last week or two in that amidst all the search results for whatever problem I’m working on, there’s often one from 2017 and at least a couple from 2016.

Uh-oh. Lots of bad news from PDFtk dependency issues with CentOS-7 about PDFtk and libgcj. Most people moving to paid and/or inferior products. A bounty was offered for anyone who forks and updates it for CentOS7. That was four years ago.

I could just install CentOS6 — I wouldn’t mind at all starting from scratch and doing things smoothly and correctly now that I know how to do it all. That would rock. But … I’m also interested in solving this problem.

Something called copr might be a solution … gonna try it.

But, crap, do I now need to … wait … I didn’t install the rpm … I can just delete it. Okay, deep breath … removed it and tried this

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d

Crap. First need to fix permissions issues discovered yesterday — I’m not allowed to install or upload (or, apparently, download) anything into etc. Then I’ll try (saying/writing this so I have the text to copy & paste): -P /etc/yum.repos.d

yum install pdftk

I think that second url is supposed to have wget in front of it. We’ll see.

Okay, those commands from a March 2016 reply seemed to work (for myself and others) but I’ve also found PDFtk works on CentOS7 from August 2016 with a January 2017 update. I may check that out after testing what I’ve just installed. Oh, by the way, I didn’t change any permissions–I just logged in as root.

I should test it now.