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Major Milestone Monday

After lots of hard work, I have D3 not only working with my database but have album art to go with the albums. It took me a while — even after I got the album covers to appear — to … Continue reading

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You Have No Idea

There is no greater technological accomplishment in the history of man: Not the printing press, not the plow, not radio, penicillin, birth control pills, or the computer compare to this. I am king of the world.

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Dream Job Identified

First, I have to mention a job I saw on Indeed the other day: Data Analyst for the Tampa Bay Rays. Among the many bulleted job requirements was, “a rudimentary understanding of baseball” as if they knew oodles of nerds … Continue reading

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Is This 1986 or 2016?

At 46-years-old, I’m still doing my homework while listening to Twisted Sister. In my 1986/87 dorm room at Howe Military School, I’d crank Come Out and Play on Friday and Saturday nights while cleaning for the next morning’s inspection. Love … Continue reading

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