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Pretty Presidents

Not sitting presidents, but presidents sitting pretty. Bathed my presidents in Bootstrap (with some jQuery bathsalts) today and learned more than expected. I started with just a little jQuery to give my form fields focus: I couldn’t stop there and … Continue reading

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PHP President Parade o’ Victory

I knew I’d seen PHP and HTML code mixed together. I’ve seen PHP code create HTML tables for displaying results from a database. My form for inputting presidents is a .htm file so, naturally(?), that was the file format I … Continue reading

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PHP President Problems

Tried to add a couple more presidents using my fantastic new form: Checking it in phpMyAdmin, I saw four blank mystery rows and noticed my 2nd and 3rd presidents were inserted twice just like George. Hmm. I don’t even know … Continue reading

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I Have A Dream

Previously: Nolanesque Scatterish X-Y Chart If I wanted this Hillary person to win, it would be for this reason. Actually, I’d be happier with Jill Stein or, even better, Peta Lindsay (not because she’s black–that will be relevant in a moment–but because she’s … Continue reading

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Woo-Hoo! I’m King of All the Web Developers!

Previously: Every Tutorial Breaks My Heart I Just Want One Thing (That Isn’t a Wild Bantha Chase) After months of blood, sweat, googling, tears, and whining & ranting blog posts, I have succeeded in setting the World Wide Web on … Continue reading

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