Filling Empty Cells with Zero in Excel

I had an enormous spreadsheet I’d made by saving a PDF as an Excel workbook and rearranging the data.

Some 2016 presidential election results in Excel

I needed to get the data into MySQL but there were countless empty cells where candidates received no votes and I knew that wouldn’t fly. I needed zeroes.


Select all the empty cells by clicking Find & Select in the Editing section of the Home tab in the spawn-from-Hell ribbon-thing and choosing Go To Special.



Select Blanks and click OK.



Press F2 (function key at the top of your keyboard) to select one of the selected empty cells (using F2 prevents deselecting all the other empty cells).


Type “0” and press either Ctrl+Enter on Windows or Cmd+Return on a Mac.


Behold …



Then Things Went Unsmoothly

Everything installed and, for the most part, configured quite easily. Then I couldn’t log in to PHPmyAdmin. Spent hours troubleshooting and reconfiguring Apache, PHP, and MySQL only to find out that my root MySQL user username wasn’t my username, it was actually “root.”

I was not happy.

I did learn many solutions to problems I didn’t have, so there’s that. I also had a very valuable lesson on the principle of Occam’s Razor.

I am now happy.

Thanks to help from Google, I’ve begun customizing/personalizing my little bit of Ubuntu Linux goodness and fixed the notorious WiFi issues, etc.

Now I’m starting these which are awesome: