Drag & Drop Rock & Roll

I really need to decide which in my list of “coming soon” features for myRockinApp will get my full attention. One is dragging and dropping an artist onto a chart to compare their popularity over time (in two different ways) but … rats … that’s not really what I just took a bunch of screenshots to talk about … the other is this … either a simple array or — more fun — a groovy algorithm to combine multiple artists that are actually the same artist … like all the versions of

Mike Knott that include but are not limited to …


  • Mike Knott
  • Michael Knott
  • L.S.U.
  • L.S.U. (Life Savers Underground)
  • Life Savers

Or Miss Joan Jett


Finally … FINALLY … it looks like they have all her shizzle on Spotify.

And the artist that got me started thinking about this, Ronnie James Dio


I want to make something that will grab me just the Rainbow or Black Sabbath albums on which he is the lead singer. I’d also like to write something that gets me just the songs off other artist’s albums like Roger Glover‘s Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast as well as Kerry Livgren‘s Seeds of Change.

Of course, making this drag & drop, too, is probably the easiest and least frustrating way to do this … and … make a way to save the dropped artists as a group the user can name something like “Dio and Friends.”

I’ve found several promising looking bits of documentation and tutorials for jQueryUI and using that with AJAX, etc.

Note to self: Add Elf to database.

I’ll likely do this first because the multi-line charts sound like they’re gonna be quite a bit more difficult.


And I need to find out why so many albums have no art like Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers above. Meat Loaf has that issue, too.