Socialist Results for 2016 Election


Here are the results if only socialist candidates are considered — whether or not their party has the word “socialist” in the name.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 12.00.11 PM.png
Gray states either had no candidate or any candidates received zero ballot* votes.

You’ve seen that one before.

*I should mention I don’t have any data for write-in candidates.

Here are the results if we don’t include Jill Stein or the Green Party.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 11.59.23 AM.png
Gray states either had no candidate or any candidates received zero ballot* votes.

LEGEND (obsolete but matches above)

  • LIGHT GREEN = Alyson Kennedy
  • LIGHT BLUE = Emidio Soltysik
  • DARK BLUE = Gloria Estela La Riva
  • DARK GREEN = Chris Keniston
  • PURPLE = Monica Moorehead
  • PINK = Michael A. Maturen
  • YELLOW = Lynn S. Kahn

Please note that not all candidates are on all ballots. Most of the 31 candidates for President who were on a ballot were on few states’ ballots. Ooh — there’s an idea for another map! Showing which states each candidate was on the ballot … and I’ll include write-in status. Hmm … I wonder if OpenElections has write-in data. If they don’t, I can totally volunteer!

Anyway, the “problem” isn’t just a lack of unity but also a lack of numbers in the respective organizations — in both individuals and states covered.

Often, a single candidate is running in multiple parties across as many states.

Sometimes, there’s lack of unity within a single party — multiple candidates across as many states.

Anyway, here are the other options that will be available soon (along with an updated legend):


Similar maps for socialist results of the 2012 election.

These are done with JavaScript, D3, PHP, MySQL. Now starting the interactive features.


Why Does It Work? Wait, what?


First, let me get this out of the way: The most frustrating thing about working on PrezPlayPro the last couple days is … I don’t know my states. I could list them all off the top of my head but if I could not pass a test where I had to label them. You know, like my kids do at school.

I need to practice that and know which are which. Seriously. As self-righteous as I get with my “nobody should be born a citizen — most people born here can’t pass the citizenship test and that just isn’t fair” I should, you know, be able to pass the citizenship test myself and know where Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, etc. are without googling “usa map”.

Actual Post

Four months ago, I wrote that I was trying to perfect my SQL query selecting the “socialist winners” from my 2016 Presidential Election results database table. Here’s part of the screenshot from that post:


Relatively recently, I created an Excel worksheet for party affiliations that included the state for each candidate/party pair and this week, I finally got around to importing that into my database.

Next step: fixing my SQL query so it used the new table!

But something weird happened.

I opened the page and saw this:


I expected ZERO visual changes–I had not yet changed any code–but saw SIX states change color.

I had no theories but checked to see who won those states — they were all now going to Chris Keniston.  All states with no socialist votes stayed gray but Alyson Kennedy and Michael A. Maturen each lost three states. I looked at my code and saw his candidateID wasn’t even listed in my switch function so I added him. While doing that, I noticed  Dan R. Vacek, Jerry White, and Bradford Lyttle had a case each but none of whom won a state … I couldn’t think of a reason they’d be listed. All of this are the perils of returning to a project months later. I can’t even remember exactly what I wanted to “fix” about the final query!


I also added a stroke for the states so I could *ahem* tell the yellow ones apart.

I totally did not trust this so I looked at all the results for socialist candidates returned via SQL query.

Jill Stein won all six of these states — but, for some reason, with whatever query I used in June, those states went to Kennedy or Maturen and, yesterday, they all went to Keniston. I am completely baffled. Good thing I wasn’t in charge of the election results because this is what reality looked like in Vermont:

  • Chris Keniston     =        3
  • Alyson Kennedy  =        2
  • Jill Stein                =  6758

So, I am writing my query from scratch because it needs more than fixing.