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First Eloquent Exercise

Been reading and loving Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. Believe all the good stuff you hear/read about it. The first exercise in the book: It took me longer than I care to admit, but … The best part about this … Continue reading

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Best DOM Articles on the Interwebs

If you don’t understand what the DOM is and/or why it matters and/or why it should matter to you, these are the best articles I’ve found: The Document Object Model (chapter 13 of Eloquent JavaScript) What is the DOM? by … Continue reading

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Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

Found this in /r/ProgrammerHumor Original home: http://imgur.com/lL3LtFD

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JavaScript Game Engines

I divide my education between work and play. I study and do lessons followed by practical experimentation. Today’s play is making a simple game so I Googled to see what was out there. CraftyJS Impact Quintus melonJS Jaws Panda Kiwi gameQuery Starling … Continue reading

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Freedom to Dig

Just found this wonderful new (to me) site. I really encourage you to click this here link below: http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/relentless-persistence

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A Project for Codecademy

I’ve done some pretty lengthy (in my experience) exercises in their JavaScript course but they were mostly code from the lessons with 2-3 small changes. This one I made from scratch and I was quite pleased with myself.

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myFirst jQuery

All I’ve done so far was copy an exercise from Codecademy and add the line of code pointing to jQuery but I plan to do lots more. I fell asleep last night thinking of cool ideas and thought of a bigger … Continue reading

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