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S is for Security

Google‘s gMail security is so amazing. I’ve gotten warnings before but today’s was like, wow. See a similar previous episode: gMail Security Roxor My Soxor I’m working on my app and testing an email function for which I was using … Continue reading

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Tabs vs Spaces Personal Preferences

I’ve always preferred tabs. While binge-watching Silicon Valley, I was totally on Richard’s side … at first. Then I thought, “But wait, if I used spaces, I might not have that problem of my code getting all ugly and confusing … Continue reading

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gMail Security Roxor My Soxor

Tried to log in to gMail only to beĀ told for the second time in the last few months that, due to suspicious activity, I was forced to change my password. But here’s the kicker: this time the suspect actually used … Continue reading

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