GeoLocation Testing

My little app uses geolocation to record the user’s location when submitting data. When reviewing the data, the user sees a marker on a Google map.

I’ve noticed that, depending on the browser and operating system, that location is different even when the user (me) is sitting in the very same cubicle each time.

Using Chrome on my Android mobile phone:


Using Safari on an old iPhone (iOS):


Using Firefox Developer Edition on my Ubuntu laptop:


Each of those are spot on.

Using Internet Explorer on my Windows desktop:


That’s Northeast of where I’m sitting. A little bit north (am I capitalizing these correctly?) of the upper-right corner of both previous maps.

Using Chrome on my Windows desktop:


That’s South of my location. About the same distance away as the IE coordinates just almost exactly the opposite direction.

If I do multiple tests for each device/browser, the results are consistent.

First time trying Chrome on my Ubuntu laptop:


Don’t hate on Windows quite yet — I’ve noticed varying coordinates when using my equipment (including my Mac) at home as well so I’ll test the two mobile phones, the Mac, and my Kindle there later. I don’t think the Ubuntu laptop fared as well at home as it did here just now.