I Have A Friend

I’m sure this little Easter egg has been around for a while, but I just noticed it.



FTP F’s With Me

Most of the Time: Configuring FTP settings is such a simple thing and, yet, it, more often than not, takes much longer than expected (which is to say, it doesn’t work easily and immediately) and troubleshooting ruins my day.

Just Now: Wowzers. Just set up Filezilla on this here new laptop and it worked right the first time.

My host (shout out to Arvixe–I’m quite pleased with their price, customer service, and products/features) provides downloadable configuration files for Filezilla, Cyberduck, and some random Windows thing. The config file for Filezilla worked instantly and perfectly.

I’ve often been frustrated that I’ve never seen a config file for Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver has always been my favorite dev app and FTP utility for ease of use and sheer volume of features but, sometimes, even it seems to confuse me. It’s probably not necessarily Dreamweaver but the names of fields in Dreamweaver don’t seem to match the names of info provided by any given host so I end up trying different combinations until it works and, as with other issues & situations, by the time something works, I’m so frantic and exhausted, I can’t even really remember what I tried that worked. So, Dreamweaver is innocent until proven guilty.

If I’m at home with my Mac or at a job that provides me the proper tools for my job (the Adobe suite–whatever it’s being called that week) I use nothing but Dreamweaver. It’s Site Manager and Files panel are unbeatable–especially because the Files panel has FTP built in (not to mention its integration with the Properties panel, etc.).

Seriously, Cyberduck gets one but Dreamweaver doesn’t? Hmm … perhaps making one is something I could work toward.

FileZilla, as separate apps go, keeps me happy. It is, of course, way better than using any given host’s File Manager to navigate between folders and upload files one at a time even if they’re in the same folder (not all hosts have that last little quirk but it’s the one flaw I can find with Arvixe … I should mention that it could be a browser or other issue but since I only use my host’s File Manager when I’m not on personal equipment I’ve never had a reason to find otherwise).

I can’t remember exactly why I don’t like Cyberduck–some frustration or other when my students and I were using it for class last time I taught. It’s what our abysmal curriculum had us use, that’s why.

I might be totally incorrect but it seems SeaMonkey‘s Publish feature forces you to enter FTP info for each file individually.Hmm … an open source project I can build some chops & reputation developing?

I miss Fetch. It my first. I miss the OS9 version, in particular, because I loved watching the cute little dog run during file transfer.