Detroit Rock Ranked by Spotify

I finally added a bunch of Detroit artists. Eminem jumped straight to the top of all artists (not just those from Detroit) in my little database. Before you complain about a couple, skip to the explanation at the bottom.


The J. Geils Band not only because of “Detroit Breakdown” but because so many people used to think they were from Detroit because of their popularity in the city.

I am allowing Meat Loaf because … well, I’m biased — he’s like my favorite … but, also … his first album was on the Motown label and he sang lead on Ted Nugent‘s second solo album.

I feel kinda bad that Ted Nugent is at the same level as The Hives.

The Hollywood Vampires are on the list — despite the fact that they suck — because Alice Cooper.

The one Iggy Pop and James Williamson album is SOOOOO underrated. Way better than the last album or two by the Stooges and several of Iggy‘s solo efforts.

I feel kinda bad that Was (Not Was) is at the same level as Esham. Nothing against eitherĀ The Hives or Esham but … seriously.

The Frost suffers from sharing the same Artist ID # as some chump who calls himself Frost. I’ve told Spotify about this but, obviously, they haven’t fixed it.

Dick Wagner deserves better. Much better.