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Manna from Angels of the Internet

How I hate autocomplete, let me count the ways. Just found this, amidst a shower of gratitude, praise, and affection for someone named Brian who gave us this tip. Find this file … (at the moment, I’m on Windows 7 … Continue reading

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Tabs vs Spaces Personal Preferences

I’ve always preferred tabs. While binge-watching Silicon Valley, I was totally on Richard’s side … at first. Then I thought, “But wait, if I used spaces, I might not have that problem of my code getting all ugly and confusing … Continue reading

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First Eloquent Exercise

Been reading and loving Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. Believe all the good stuff you hear/read about it. The first exercise in the book: It took me longer than I care to admit, but … The best part about this … Continue reading

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