Spotify’s Artist Genres

I’ve got the PHP scripts written to get the genres from their API and store them in my table. Over the last few weeks, I’ve battled some learning-dragons with PHP and JSON both with this project and my election project. Good fights, though, because I learned stuff. Frustrating but in a good way … like a really good workout burns after.

Bad fights with learning-dragons are the ones that last hours, days, weeks … and I didn’t learn anything really because it wasn’t that I didn’t know something … it was that some documentation, tutorial, or something else was junk-jacked all up … so it was just wasted time.

I can tell already Spotify‘s genres are as mystifying and unpredictable as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame‘s nomination and induction announcements.


  • meWithoutYou definitely wins the longest and weirdest genre list award (so far). While using echo as I wrote my script via experimentation, I actually thought “dreamo” was a PHP error.
  • David Bowie is pretty much what I’d expect.
  • That’s really all Prince gets? Seriously? No “rock”? No “dance” something or other?