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Recent Google Chrome Changes Alienating Hardcore Users gets added to the pile of unpleasant surprises. Chromium is open source, right? Open Source means user freedom, right? We’re, like, grownups, right? We can make our own decisions … right? The second … Continue reading

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Tabs vs Spaces Personal Preferences

I’ve always preferred tabs. While binge-watching Silicon Valley, I was totally on Richard’s side … at first. Then I thought, “But wait, if I used spaces, I might not have that problem of my code getting all ugly and confusing … Continue reading

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gMail Security Roxor My Soxor

Tried to log in to gMail only to beĀ told for the second time in the last few months that, due to suspicious activity, I was forced to change my password. But here’s the kicker: this time the suspect actually used … Continue reading

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All About Favicons & Such

Finally finishing a trio of tutorials I started months ago and just uploaded this PDF: Give Your Site Some Yummy Favicon Goodness Soon, I’ll write a post about the pros and cons of how various browsers handle Favorites/Bookmarks. For now, … Continue reading

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