Prez Play Pro Progress

Thus far, if I spend this much time fixing stuff, it’s really frustrating because I’m not learning anything, I’m just trying to figure out what’s broken and why — but it wasn’t my own mistake or lack of knowledge.

This time, however, it is TOTALLY my lack of knowledge so each time I hid a bump, I learn something. Each problem I solve — I learn how and why what I did wasn’t working and how to do it correctly!

A lot of my work super-recently has been learning and using Javascript‘s map, reduce, and filter methods. I was depending on SQL queries (my database being MySQL, if you’re curious … though I was using MariaDB before changing hosting plans) to get the exact results and data visualization I wanted but, for multiple reasons, I’d prefer getting all the results from my database and manipulate the data client-side with Javascript.

Much of what follows is actually from an email I just sent to the American Nazi Party replying to an answer they sent to a question I asked a couple weeks ago. Say what you want about nazis, whenever I’ve asked a question, they’ve sent a polite and meaningful answer. Not all candidates/parties are responsive, let alone courteous. Anyway, I was explaining why I asked my questions and what I was doing.

So, here are my latest screenshots along with what is still in progress, etc.

If only what I consider “right” candidates run — excluding Trump because, of course, he’d win every state, then Gary Johnson wins every state. If we exclude him as well, Darrell Castle (usually Constitution Party) wins all states in which he runs except Arkansas where Jim Hedges wins. The gray states have no conservative/right candidates.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.17.24 AM.png

Whatever happened to the Natural Law Party and Reform Party? Maybe the former are all write-in candidates (Darn it! I need to get write-in data!). I know the Reform Party was only on a couple state ballots in the 2012 election — not only that but with two different candidates. I read somewhere at least one state Reform Party nominated a different candidate because, despite how conservative Andre Barnett was (and still is, I assume), they didn’t like that he was (and still is, I suppose) black.

If only “left” or even just socialist candidates run, Jill Stein wins every state except Nevada, South Dakota, and Oklahoma (off the top of my head I think it’s simply because no “left” candidates besides Clinton were on the ballot there). If we only include socialists except Jill Stein, these are the results:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.24.07 AM.png

Michael Maturen looks like he wins the most states (I don’t have electoral college votes in the code yet) and there are five tied in second place for number of states. Again, gray means there are either no socialist candidates in those states (except Stein) or, if there are — I need to clean up my data to make sure — there are candidates but none received any votes (which I find difficult to believe).

Once I get these all working, I’ll start adding previous elections and, hopefully, the next one won’t take two years to put together (in my own defense, most of that two years was the learning curve).


I Have a Dream Come True

Not only did I come up with an idea for my presidential gender and race diagram-thing, but I’m totally using the relevant data as I play with programming and visualization–stay tuned. Below, we have the Socialist candidates for President in the 2012 election. I had to include three parties that didn’t have “socialist” or “socialism” in their names but they are, in fact, socialists.


White Males

  • Mayor Rocky Anderson, Justice party
  • Jerry White, Socialist Equality party

White Females

  • Roseanne Barr, Peace & Freedom party
  • Jill Stein, Green party

Black Males

  • Stewart Alexander, Socialist party
  • James Harris, Socialist Workers party

Black Female

  • Peta Lindsay, Socialism & Liberation party

Below are maps of the results for the 2012 Presidential election if only the four Socialist (by name) candidates ran and if we count all seven.


Interesting Facts

  • Alexander and Harris received approximately the same amount of popular votes but Alexander–who won California–got 3-4 times the Electoral College votes as Harris.
  • Lindsay received more than twice the popular votes that Alexander received but less than half the Electoral College votes. I’m relieved to find that, even among socialists, life just isn’t fair.
  • Jerry White didn’t bring his home state of Michigan.
  • Colorado is the only state in which all four candidates received votes.
  • Not all candidates were on all ballots.


Interesting Facts

  • Jill Stein wins by a landslide
  • Peta Lindsay is the only one of the original four to receive any Electoral College votes when we include the three relatively mainstream candidates.
  • Colorado is the only state in which all seven candidates receive votes
  • Roseanne Barr received 24,000 more votes than Anderson but didn’t win any states so Barr received zero EC votes while Anderson received 19.
  • Not even all three relatively mainstream candidates were on all ballots.

I’d love to crunch numbers based on gender and race but the low profiles of all candidates and the wide range of recognition between them make such an effort rather useless, however fun it might be. Having said that, stay tuned for some D3 socialism election yummy goodness–because I’m more about learning and fun that practicality and utility right now.

I Have A Dream

Previously: Nolanesque Scatterish X-Y Chart

If I wanted this Hillary person to win, it would be for this reason. Actually, I’d be happier with Jill Stein or, even better, Peta Lindsay (not because she’s black–that will be relevant in a moment–but because she’s totes adorbs and I’m too smitten to have any shame about admitting that).

My dream is that in a few decades, I can make a chart of former presidents like this:

Four quadrants representing Black, White, Male, and Female presidents.

I’d really like it especially if it measured how “white” or “black” a president was. There are some who say President Obama wouldn’t have been elected if he was “blacker” and, of course, those who say he isn’t “black enough.”

We could already (attempt to) compare President Obama’s “blackness”/success ratio with previous candidates such as Jesse Jackson, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Stewart Alexander, Peta Lindsay and Andre Barnett.

I’m sure Alan Keyes’ campaign struggled with the “too black” vs “not black enough” issue even if not to the extent the issue may or may not come up concerning President Obama. Ben Carson, another conservative, is somewhat similar to Keyes’ in that regard. Many people consider any conservative African-American an “Uncle Tom” and, thus, not really black.

I just googled “black candidates for president” and just now learned Frederick Douglass ran for president in 1872.