“More Popular Than Jesus” – John Lennon

Hopefully, the post title won’t get me the same backlash it got Lennon.

I am currently tracking approximately 146 artists using the Spotify Web API using the popularity endpoint for artists, albums, and tracks to do ridiculously interesting things like write this blog post and, eventually, soon … do crazy cool interactive data visualization stuff.

The Top 10 (of 146)

Something I noticed immediate upon sorting all of them according to popularity is this: Christian artists are the least popular. Not like on average but … they’re all at the bottom.

The Bottom 28 (of 146) contains only one “secular” artist.

If you don’t count Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, or Alice Cooper as “Christian,” I have 42 Christian artists.

Of the bottom 50 artists, 40 of them are Christian artists.

The highest Christian artist is DC Talk with a popularity score of 48.

Then, down below Sodom and Gwar, Stryper shows up with 46 popularity.

Just below Stryper is Venom with 46.

To say Slayer is #50 on the list (with 67 popularity) is a bit misleading because many of the artists have the same popularity score but I thought it worth mentioning.

I’m sure there are many artists “below” them in Spotify’s massive database and, if I’m honest, it makes sense that such niche artists would fall below much more mainstream artists but … it still struck me as … odd … and … sad.