Just Some More Screenshots

Last post like this, I promise. Not that anyone reads this. I’m just quite pleased with myself. Some more album graphs featuring album art — yay for me.

Cirith Ungol


Billy Idol


Generation X

Note that this group that had only, like, two albums … has 8 or nine depending on how many you count and … AND … more than Mr. Idol who legit has many more than they did together.




Circle o’ Dust


I’m so glad bands like those last two are finally available digitally. If only we could get Under Midnight albums without hours of searching.

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“More Popular Than Jesus” Part Deux

My “all artists” ranker thingy now has album art. When I saw it for the first time, I noticed something. Previously, all the “christian” artists were lumped together at the bottom … of the very bottom 28, only one artist was “secular.”

See also: “More Popular Than Jesus” – John Lennon

I’ve added some artists since then but not enough — I don’t think — to mix them up as much as they are now … I find this sort of thing interesting … which is why I do stuff like this and why I love programming and data and … other nerdy things …


Like last time, DC Talk is the highest if you don’t count Alice Cooper and such. I included several bands above them to give an idea of what’s down there on top of [hey … MxPx is a few higher than DC Talk! I just checked and that’s right where they were at the time of the last post, too … so, I was wrong] all the christian peeps.


Last time, I just noted that amidst a huge chasm was Stryper. There they are. Same place. Just above Venom, Gwar, and Sodom. He he.

For the record, “Ronnie James Dio” the person is not Dio the band. That RJD thing is some solo song … some solo song that is not “Dream On” or any of his Doo-Wop or … oh, note to self … add Elf

Down a few more and we start to see the frequency of the christian peeps spike beginning with King’s X.


Cirith Ungol–stuck amidst the gospel artists–is a new addition to my database. Heaven & Hell, for those who don’t know is not a “christian” band but is what Black Sabbath called themselves for a single album when Sharon “Nobody messes with my husband” Osbourne threatened to beat them up.


Last time, Iggy & James were the only secular artist(s) down this far.


I can’t believe Deitiphobia has a poor, little zero. Fear of the Digital Remix is one of the all time greatest albums EVER. E-V-E-R.

Okay … maybe they didn’t get all mixed up like I thought so maybe this is kind of a waste of a post but, hey, look! I have artist images now!

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Major Milestone Monday

After lots of hard work, I have D3 not only working with my database but have album art to go with the albums. It took me a while — even after I got the album covers to appear — to get the covers to display where I wanted them. I had to do math a lot. Still not “done,” but this is a big, big deal. This is my #BadAssTakeover.

I have cron jobs that regularly reach out to Spotify and store the popularity of artists, albums, and tracks. Here is a sampling of the bar graphs I can now do. Albums are in chronological order and the numbers are the popularity scores as of Sunday, April 22, 2018. Their popularity scores are relative to all albums on Spotify but I don’t know how they work … I don’t know if an album’s popularity takes into consideration the tracks’ popularity.

Click all images for full size

Alice Cooper


Alice has tons of compilations which is frustrating for multiple reasons. He’s one of the artists that makes me think a vertical graph might be better.


David Bowie


As you might expect, Bowie has a ton of albums even without compilations.


I’m not sure what the albums without art are … their titles are visible in a sortable table on a different page but I’m busy at the moment …


I chose them as a sample for a couple reasons. One, they have relatively few albums and two, they were played last night on IntenseRadio during The Great Scott Diversion.



I really don’t like Deliverance but a lot of people do and they have a new album out.


Iron Maiden

I feel like I should like Iron Maiden more than I do. Today was a bad Iron Maiden day for me. I’ve been trying to find a relatively inexpensive used copy of Live After Death (on vinyl) and finally found one at a local used record shop but they wouldn’t sell it to me because it wasn’t priced yet. How do I know it was relatively inexpensive if it wasn’t priced yet? The cover was in horrible condition.


Led Zeppelin

I chose them because I wanted to show some really tall columns … all that “gray space” in the screen shots is how high up the columns could go.


Led Zeppelin is another reason my recent … I’ve started buying records again — for the first time in over 30 years — and it’s a lot less fun than I thought it would be.

Meat Loaf


I think all those blank spaces are compilations. He’s like Alice that way. Ew.


Mortification, like Deliverance, are in my database because I wanted a health selection of thrash and black metal and similar artists to compare to each other.


One Bad Pig

Because I love them.


They only have four albums which is sad. Well, they’ve also got a demo and a live album but those aren’t on Spotify.

Resurrection Band/Rez Band/Rez/Resurrection Band


For some reason, there’s at least one … wait … it does say Resurrection Band … I thought Ampendectomy was a Glenn Kaiser solo album. Can you believe Lament isn’t their most popular album? People are dumb.

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I so can not freaking wait to collaborate and create with my fellow #GoogleUdacityScholars in the next phase!

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Data Journalism Roxor My Soxor

I think I’ve decided on my niche and what RoxorSoxor is to be.

Now going through Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools and the Google News Initiative‘s Fundamentals course while waiting to find out if I am among the #GoogleUdacityScholars selected for Phase 2 of the GrowWithGoogle scholarship.

Loving both.

While working on an exercise in lesson 11 of the GWG Challenge course, I learned that the Tampa Bay Times used to be the St. Petersburg Times and they are the ones who started Politifact!

The St. Pete Times bit is important to me because when I was a young teenager, I had the opportunity of getting to know an investigative reporter and ask him over the course of several conversations about what it would take for me to get into journalism. He recommended the St. Pete Times as a great paper to read and work for. It was led for decades by one Mr. Poynter, followed by his son who left all of his ownership stock in the paper to start the Poynter Institute.

They have a history of excellent journalism and they only got better over time. Even as they almost ceased to exist, they racked up a few Pulitzers and, while being a bit slow on the online uptake, they not only did that whole Politifact thing but kinda showed the world was data journalism was.

They really kick ass and … might make me feel like coming to this area is my destiny and not a big, fat mistake.

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Seeds of an Algorithm

I’ve been wondering how I would ever come up with an algorithm for “combining” the different scores of the same song on different albums. I think an idea was just born out of the blue while sitting here watching West Wing on Netflix and looking at Alice Cooper‘s tracks data. This seed is somewhat related to how I was looking at the Bloodgood albums and tracks earlier today. The algorithm I’m currently juggling in my head is nothing like I’d been imagining the last few months.

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Why does it work? What happened?

All of a sudden! (That’s a Tourniquet reference) One week ago, my cron jobs started working. I’m very happy and very confused. I pulled what I’ll loosely call “reports” on various random artists to compare what time batches of data were pulled from Spotify to the times I set in the crontab — wondering if it was some weird fluke or maybe I’d done it manually (in the middle of the night) and just forgotten.

Good News: No ghosts or gremlins — they’re actually working.

When I got to Bloodgood, I received quite a shock.  Their #1 song was from their latest album. But wait, there’s more — these are their Top 25 tracks on Spotify:


Not only are most of them from Dangerously Close (2013) but most of the rest are from Out of the Darkness.

I would have thought the list would be dominated by tracks from Metal Missionaries and Detonation. I gave Dangerously Close a try when it was first released but didn’t like it and I only ever liked one song enough to remember it from Out of the Darkness (“Top of the Mountain” which appears twice in the top 25).

As it turns out, one need look no further to find evidence of how out of touch I am with other Bloodgood fans than the ranking of Rock in a Hard Place — my personal favorite Bloodgood album. It ranks last among their studio albums with the exception of … whoa … I thought Metal Missionaries was at the bottom because it’s a “25th Anniversary Edition” but there’s no “regular” edition elsewhere on the list.


I think I need to go back and listen to those last two albums … maybe I missed something.

However …

while requests for 12th Tribe data finally seem to be working (for some reason, they weren’t for a while), artist popularity for One Bad Pig has only been fetched (using the term loosely) twice and not since the middle of last December. Album and Track data is up-to-date but nothing for artist popularity. The same arrays are used for all of them … well, maybe it’s what my browser pulled just now and not really what’s in my database … hold on … nope, MySQL Workbench gives me just the same two rows.

Well, I’ll be …

One Bad Pig‘s latest album, Love You to Death (2016) is tied for first place as well. Wow, I thought that album kinda sucked, too. It’s tied with I Scream Sunday (1991) which … is their second most-recent album.

I keep waiting to exhale so I can maybe start working on the data viz for all of this …

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