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Forgetting My Age

I have to make a conscious effort to forget my age. Any thought of my age does nothing but inspire fear. That’s as true at 48 (in situations like mine) as it is at 22. Focusing on, “People will think I’m too old” or “People will think I’m too young” distracts from, “I’m awesome” and “Look at this great work I’m doing.”

If they think you’re too young or too old, you don’t want to work for them.

The Marvel Studios film Black Panther opens today. Ryan Coogler, the director, is 31-years-old. Think about the trust and responsibility they gave him — and I’m sure he was 29 or so when hired. He was 29, by the way, when Creed (Rocky 7 for those of you keeping count) opened. He got both of those gigs based on his little film, Fruitvale Station, which opened when he was 27-years-old.

Reading that, you could think (like I did), “Damn, look how much he accomplished when he was 20-27 years younger than me” or … you could not think about it all. Obviously, he wasn’t thinking about it. He was too busy kicking ass to think about it.

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My 5-Month Plan

I will become legendary at my current, silly day job for my gregarious personality and indispensable contributions.

No matter how lazy or negative my co-workers, I will encourage them and offer to help make their work lives better so their workdays don’t suck as much as they obviously do.

I will give each task, no matter how mind-numbing, 100%. I will be present and leave a positive mark on everything I touch.

I will say hello to everyone and have at least three genuine conversations per day even though I hate small talk and I know everyone there hates me.

I will hunt with a flashlight and dig with a pick-axe until I find some way to expand my skillset and improve my current skills while at work. I refuse to waste one more day.

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My 5-Year Plan

Jim Carrey once wrote himself a check for $20 million.

In five years, I will have helped at least 1 million people get their dream jobs.

I’m going to create the fastest-growing, most obviously effective training and coaching program in the world.

Those who work with me will be unable to imagine working anywhere else. We will have a culture unsurpassed by 99.99% of other organizations.

To Do:

  • Finish Grow With Google Scholarship Challenge course
  • Complete the Mobile Web nanodegree program with a GWG scholarship
  • Complete the Google News Data thing [update this] program
  • Complete that other Data News [update this] program

Just to show I can and because I can, create kickass eLearning using HTML5, JavaScript, and After Effects that surpasses anything and everything I ever made with Flash.

To Do in 2018:

  • Complete every After Effects course at
  • Launch Coding After 40 and Coding After 50
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My First Coding Project

I just wrote this in a forum and want to put it here so the Google Bots find it and hopefully show it to all the newbies.

I always see people online asking for ideas and what type of project they should do. For me, the easiest and most obvious is make something you want or need — who cares about putting it in an app or play store? If it’s online, in GitHub, or someplace people can see it — or, even throwing that out the window, if it’s useful and fun for you, it builds your experience, knowledge, and confidence so don’t worry at all about what others will think of the app. Programming is poetry, dude. Some people don’t get it at all and a lot of people will never get the stuff you write. But, it’s not for them. It’s for you and the people who get it.

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Time Management & Priorities

Should green squares and StackOverflow reputation be my highest priority?

Sometimes, they are. Not that you can tell by looking at my StackOverflow reputation.

My FreeCodeCamp timeline is completely empty because I started focusing on actual development with personal projects. I haven’t abandoned it. I just haven’t returned for quite a while.


A return to learning (the Grow With Google challenge course), however, has had a similar effect on my GitHub “personal projects” timeline which had become, IMHO, rather respectable.


Having said all of that, I’ve shown great improvement on the timeline only God sees for commits to my wife and children. And I still feel guilty. Like, someday, I’ll have this great job that I say is for my family (what we might call the Walter White Work Ethic) but by the time I get it, they’ll have moved out and I spent all my time preparing to be a good father some day instead of … being a good father. So, while far from perfect, I am mindful of that. I hate how hard it is to tear myself away from work (not my sill day job — real work on stuff like this) to spend time with them. Ugh.

What I do find is that the more time I spend with them the happier I am, the less anxious I am to improve my quality of life, the less I feel compelled to escape my day job, and the less painful that job feels. So, there’s that.

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[Solved] Ubuntu Update Broke My WiFi


I have Ubuntu 14.04 with linux kernel 4.4.0-113-generic on a Dell Vostro 1000. This laptop’s maxed out processor and RAM are just enough for Trusty Tahr, so upgrading to 16.04 isn’t an option.

The Problem

I update whenever it asks. After the latest update, WiFi wouldn’t work. This happens fairly often. She’s a good dog, but she’s old. Restarting usually gives me bars. This time, however, I noticed there was no option for Wireless in the bottom panel’s network menu. Nor was it in Network Settings. Googling brought some old results but the situations and apparent cause were similar — an update broke the card/driver.

This post assumes your router works, your machine has any network connectivity at all, and there is, in fact, a signal to receive. If apes and/or zombies recently conquered your region, your laptop might be functioning as expected.

Quick Solution To Try But Didn’t Work for Me

Press Fn + F2.
I’d never noticed the little wireless symbol on that key before. Apparently, it toggles your WiFi. This didn’t work because, as we’ll see below, the laptop didn’t know it has a wireless card to turn on and off.

Hard Key on Outside of Laptop
Ye Olde Delle Vostro doesn’t have any such switch or slider and neither did some posting this problem (many people suggested trying it).

Kill Process That Is Blocking WiFi
This target process may or may not exist.

sudo /usr/sbin/rfkill unblock wifi

Solutions That Worked for Others I Didn’t Need to Try

This solution is especially handy if you have no network connection on that machine at all.

Solution That Worked for Me

Courtesy of forums c. 2014

Run ifconfig to see your networking shizzle.

While broken, mine showed only eth0 and lo.

  • Eth0 = ethernet card
  • wlan0 = wireless card
  • lo = “loopback device … used for stuff to communicate on your system”
  • docker0 = I don’t know what that is

The overclock forum post included instructions for those with no network connectivity as well but I didn’t need them and am not including them here.

Type the following to see what driver is loaded and see what card you have.

lspci -v | grep -i network -A 6

My results showed my broadcom driver and, if memory serves, that something was denied (like the post at overclock). I have a card but it wasn’t recognized so the solution was to remove whatever the update added and/or reinstall whatever the update removed.

sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source && sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer

That first part took a long time. Along the way, it asked me to confirm and when it was finished, I had to confirm it could do the second task.


Everything is, obviously, working fine now.

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