My First Windows Command

If you didn’t know this, doing real stuff on a Windows box is a completely different world from Mac or Linux. Including the Command Prompt. Merely out of curiosity, I opened the command prompt at work — I love that, in Windows, it’s an “accessory” — and learned that, in Windows, ls is not a valid command.

My heart was beating a bit fast because, as I said, I was at work and we’re not allowed to do so much as delete shortcuts from our desktop without an IT person with administrative privileges to help us. Then I realized, “Wait. My boss paid for a year of — including classes on this topic — I’m legitimately practicing my new skills!” So I fired up Windows Command Line Basics … which went on and on without teaching anything so I just googled “windows command line tutorials” while it played (to continue my justification) and learned that, in Windows, dir is the command I was looking for.

At work, I have access, I think, to only my personal storage space. It was empty. Because I had no idea I had this little directory. Long, boring story.

So I created a text file with notepad, dropped it in via Explorer, tried dir again and viola! I have one file.

The shell I opened previously had a line with 2015 in it … I wish I’d captured that because I’m curious as to what it was and why. I have a hunch. Now I’m curious why it’s gone.

I am the world’s most gifted and dangerous hacker.