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Mastering My Domain

Regarding the domain issue in my last post, here’s what happened: I got this new host and did the whole “Using a domain I own and I’ll change my nameservers” thing (let’s suppose my domain is Then I canceled … Continue reading

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GeoLocation Testing

My little app uses geolocation to record the user’s location when submitting data. When reviewing the data, the user sees a marker on a Google map. I’ve noticed that, depending on the browser and operating system, that location is different … Continue reading

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How to Make a Web Site & App Part 1

Getting a Host Two pieces of strong advice Don’t use free hosting Don’t overpay With free hosting, you’ll have ads on your page and you won’t have essential things you need. I’m showing two outstanding hosts — neither of which … Continue reading

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How To Be a Master Web Developer

When writing and testing code to get JSON using any given API: Make sure your WiFi is on Don’t make stupid typos You’re welcome.

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Really Digging Into Python

After that NPR API course at Codecademy, I’ve really been focusing on Python. I can’t believe how much more quickly and easily API shizzle just clicked with me in Pythron than it did with JavaScript. Delving into the input/output and … Continue reading

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It’s Always Your Fault

I reminded my students of this all the time. Often, right after they–or a second pair of eyes–found their mistake. It’s never the computer. It’s not the Internet and it’s not even your code: your code is probably working just … Continue reading

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Debugging Isn’t Always Fun

Best thing about all this studying and learning gaining confidence in myself and my skills because: More knowledge != falling for bad code ||┬ábad instructions ||┬ábad tutorials I learn, among other things, to trust myself. It doesn’t always feel that … Continue reading

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