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How to Make a Web Site & App Part 1

Getting a Host Two pieces of strong advice Don’t use free hosting Don’t overpay With free hosting, you’ll have ads on your page and you won’t have essential things you need. I’m showing two outstanding hosts — neither of which … Continue reading

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Sherwood, Ohio

Yesterday, while watching Heathers and wishing there were legal copies of Pump Up the Volume to be found, I thought (about the fifth time Christian Slater mentioned it), “Isn’t Sherwood, Ohio a book I read in college?” Google told me, … Continue reading

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Positive Feedback

—It is amazing how refreshing, invigorating, healing, and downright life-changing some kind words can be. I get told often enough at my day job that I do great work but I think a monkey could do my day job so … Continue reading

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It’s Always Your Fault

I reminded my students of this all the time. Often, right after they–or a second pair of eyes–found their mistake. It’s never the computer. It’s not the Internet and it’s not even your code: your code is probably working just … Continue reading

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Detailing My Dreams

I love the app pictured in the image below. I often read advice advising job-seekers to list what they want in a workplace and position including deal-breakers both positive and negative. For much of my career, I felt such lists … Continue reading

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All About Favicons & Such

Finally finishing a trio of tutorials I started months ago and just uploaded this PDF: Give Your Site Some Yummy Favicon Goodness Soon, I’ll write a post about the pros and cons of how various browsers handle Favorites/Bookmarks. For now, … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheet Pet Peeve

You know what I hate almost (but, really, nowhere near) as much as criminals who aren’t moral and trustworthy enough to be child-molesters so they pursue calling PDFs “eBooks” as their super-villain avocation? People who claim to provide “cheat sheets” … Continue reading

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