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From Excel to MySQL Mess

Here are my candidates in Excel: The CSV file in VS Code: My import command and … the mess I can’t figure out (and immediately deleted): WHAT happened? Attempt #2 I surrounded everything with single quotes and … Note it … Continue reading

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Google Scholarship

I’ve been revising my essay questions since I first submitted the application almost a month ago. Tomorrow is the deadline so this is my final draft. I really, really hate “tooting my own horn,” job interviews, etc. but I’m posting … Continue reading

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The Little Coder That Could

I have still been working on Stakeout but I’ve also been trying to get started on the PHP version of myRockinApp. In the many months since I last worked with the Spotify Web API, they started requiring authorization for everything … Continue reading

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More than 2GB RAM in Dell Vostro 1000?

My ancient, heavy laptop runs awfully slow sometimes. What’s weird, is I’ve watched Netflix on it just fine, but very often clicking a menu is followed by a long wait. Very long. I rarely use it for such things as … Continue reading

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Security To Do

Create sufficiently unique Admin username and super-secure pw so I don’t need to or have to log in as root Encrypt home directory install security updates — I’m … wow … that I need to stay on top of this … Continue reading

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Questions and General To Dos

I need an administration username and password. I have one as a customer … and my “root” password … I have no idea how to set up a “user” and/or “administrator” without, you know, the cPanel and stuff … is … Continue reading

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Diving Into VPS

I thought a Virtual Private Server (VPS) was just like a shared plan except┬áit comes with nothing but I can put in anything I want. As it turns out, it’s not so simple. My first foray last Friday night was … Continue reading

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