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Security To Do

Create sufficiently unique Admin username and super-secure pw so I don’t need to or have to log in as root Encrypt home directory install security updates — I’m … wow … that I need to stay on top of this … Continue reading

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Questions and General To Dos

I need an administration username and password. I have one as a customer … and my “root” password … I have no idea how to set up a “user” and/or “administrator” without, you know, the cPanel and stuff … is … Continue reading

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Mastering My Domain

Regarding the domain issue in my last post, here’s what happened: I got this new host and did the whole “Using a domain I own and I’ll change my nameservers” thing (let’s suppose my domain is Then I canceled … Continue reading

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Diving Into VPS

I thought a Virtual Private Server (VPS) was just like a shared plan except it comes with nothing but I can put in anything I want. As it turns out, it’s not so simple. My first foray last Friday night was … Continue reading

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Previously, on Jotascript …

Wow. So much has happened. And yet, in some ways, so little. This morning, while my wife was being a cheerleader as I walked out the door to my stupid day job, she said, among other things, This time next … Continue reading

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Dream Journal #1-2

Monday: Binge-watched Big Love over the weekend resulting in a dream where I was making out with Nicki in our car when a pack of werewolves attacked the car. I woke up before learning our fate. Tuesday (last night): I … Continue reading

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Fixing Other Peoples Products

The coolest thing about open source and truly free software is, of course, the ability to hack it in your own image. I learned what “open source” meant from a single anecdote in one of Richard Stallman‘s books. Once upon … Continue reading

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