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Dream Journal #1-2

Monday: Binge-watched Big Love over the weekend resulting in a dream where I was making out with Nicki in our car when a pack of werewolves attacked the car. I woke up before learning our fate. Tuesday (last night): I … Continue reading

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Fixing Other Peoples Products

The coolest thing about open source and truly free software is, of course, the ability to hack it in your own image. I learned what “open source” meant from a single anecdote in one of Richard Stallman‘s books. Once upon … Continue reading

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Holy Crap. Am I in the Overlook Maze?

It’s been so long since I switched this project from Python to JavaScript, I’d forgotten why. On Oct 24, 2016 — over three months ago — I gave up on doing it in Python because–wait for it–I couldn’t get the … Continue reading

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Perfection Is Bad

I’d get a lot more done, learn a lot more, be more productive and happy … if I just played. Do it for me. Not for what others will see or think.

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I Am An Error-Killing Machine

My hunch about multiple like-named albums was correct. My request for an artist’s albums was grabbing all regions instead of just the US. I’m comfortable using only US releases for my project’s data. I don’t know how that happened because … Continue reading

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Little Things That Give Me Hope

The above quote from JavaScript Jabber was like someone reaching down to help me up after fifty guys beat the crap out of me. For so long, I’ve felt like, “How am I the only one who sees how ridiculously … Continue reading

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Some days stuff just takes so long. I can’t focus or I just don’t get it. Some days are frustrating and hard. I persevere. I just keep swimming. I keep on.

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