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Lost My iShizzle

The iMac has been freezing lots again. So I updated El Capitan — not to Sierra, just updated the Capitan. Googling Sierra tells me there’s lots of freezing for that, too. Perhaps I should have stayed with Mavericks. Man … … Continue reading

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Is WordPress Trying to Suck?

I’m not one to complain, say, whenever something about Facebook changes. It’s free and we, the users, are not their customers — we’re the vendors who pay them with our data so we can use their free service and they … Continue reading

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UXUI Hall of Fame Welcomes Instagram

Their login form tells you into which field you typed incorrect info: As someone who uses multiple usernames and passwords, this makes my life so much easier and happier. Just as with my gratitude for the IE feature mentioned in … Continue reading

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UX/UI Upvotes #2: IE in Windows

Yes, you read that correctly. Nope, it’s not trolling click-bait. There is one Internet Explorer feature in Windows that I love and my default browser for Mac and Ubuntu does not. In those latter operating systems, I have to click … Continue reading

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UX/UI Upvotes #1: Firefox Reader View

I shouldn’t just complain. User Experience and good UI design shouldn’t be one of those things you only notice when it is absent or doesn’t work. Behold, the spinning blue circle thingy that spins while the page loads. It indicates … Continue reading

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UX/UI Crimes #1:

Been meaning to start this series for a long time. Get ready for this Hall of Shame to expand like Jared Fogle‘s list of prison suitors. I clicked on [hangs head in shame] some click-bait in my Twitter newsfeed to … Continue reading

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Detailing My Dreams

I love the app pictured in the image below. I often read advice advising job-seekers to list what they want in a workplace and position including deal-breakers both positive and negative. For much of my career, I felt such lists … Continue reading

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