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Install That Tarball in Ubuntu

Installing applications was, for a much longer time than I care to admit, the most frustrating thing about Linux. My confusion and sense of helplessness was caused by, among other things, some sources providing a ppa with which to download … Continue reading

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Make a Desktop Shortcut in Ubuntu

First of all, it’s called a “Launcher” in Ubuntu, not a “shortcut.” This tutorial shows you how to make a custom launcher when the app you just worked so hard to download and install doesn’t come with one or, and … Continue reading

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Treasure Trove Discovery

TL;DR? Skip to “BUT TODAY!” PREFACE PART 1 For a long time, I struggled through ActionScript constantly having to look things up because I didn’t really understand what I was doing. I couldn’t tell you how many arrays and For … Continue reading

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Quite Pleased With Myself (QPWM)

I made my original banner image 1140px wide to match the default width of shizzle in my Bootstrap theme. Now Bootstrap was created to be responsive but when I resized┬áthe browser, my not very flexible banner image did this: Yuck, … Continue reading

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Banish Full Screen Banshee

Press “F” Switched Banshee (media player in Ubuntu) to full-screen view but Escape didn’t toggle it back. Google informed me others were suffering under this full-screen tyranny as well because Banshee opens full-screen after quitting. “F” is the shortcut to … Continue reading

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Simple Screen Recorder

Googled “best screen capture ubuntu” and saw great reviews for Simple Screen Recorder. Just reading what the developer had to say about creating made me choose it without further research. Downloading it now. Have I mentioned I love using the … Continue reading

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I Love When Things Go Smoothly

Recently, I tried installing Ubuntu on one of my children’s old laptop/tablet hybrid thingies. Even trying to create a bootable USB drive to do it was excruciating. A quick Google search told me that model and Linux don’t play well … Continue reading

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