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Bad Teacher! Bad!

I’ve started watching Shameless. It now occurs to me that most of my current shows areĀ about families: This Is Us, Speechless. Even my favorite shows that are non-blood-family shows are about workplace families: Newsroom, West Wing, M*A*S*H (LPT: get the … Continue reading

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Preparing for Hour of Code

Principal at my kids’ school totally said I can facilitate Hour of Code there in December and sounds like he’s excited about making it an ongoing extracurricular activity. List o’ links fo da preps: Educator Overview Community Forum TeachCode on … Continue reading

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More Hmm …

And I think I’ll muster up the courage to start writing again. It’s been almost fifteen years since I wrote professionally. Time to start believing in and living the dream again. So, how might these two posts relate to my … Continue reading

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Hmm … (Bathtub thoughts)

Increasingly, I think I should return to teaching/training even just writing tutorials … so much I can do and want to do and that can be a part of it. Some people ask, “If a tree falls in the forest … Continue reading

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Trying to Learn ES6 ECMA 2015

Everything I’d started (and I tried many resources) confused me to despair in just the first paragraph. Nothing was explained. Nothing. I did not give up and finally found the Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) course at As is always … Continue reading

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Them High-Falootin’ Fancy Words

Like a lot of Storyline slaves users, I base my pieces on Powerpoint files people send me. After I’d had quite enough, I offered to teach a Powerpoint “lunch and learn” thing. I’m quite pleased with how well-received it was … Continue reading

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Rules for Teaching, eLearning, Tutorials

Examples should be real world, relevant, practical. For example, if you’re teaching someone how to visualize data using JavaScript–and using, say, D3 for example, it’s rather useless to only use data that’s embedded right there in the HTML doc or … Continue reading

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