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The Little Coder That Could

I have still been working on Stakeout but I’ve also been trying to get started on the PHP version of myRockinApp. In the many months since I last worked with the Spotify Web API, they started requiring authorization for everything … Continue reading

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Spotify and PHP

Just took a look at the two repos of PHP classes/wrappers for the Spotify Web API. I was very surprised — also simultaneously disappointed and delighted — they were so small and did so little. Perhaps that’s unfair — I … Continue reading

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Day 3: Tuesday

I hate that I missed yesterday … grr … Prince popularity = 58 Change: +15 I hate that I’m not doing this via automated program because … I’m the world’s biggest failure.

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Day 1: Sunday

Prince popularity = 43

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Tracking Prince

Tomorrow, Prince’s music returns to Spotify (among other places), so watching how his popularity changes over time from scratch is going to be most interesting. To me. I wonder what it is today … ? Artist Popularity Prince = 43 … Continue reading

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Fine. One bite and baby step at a time.

Tasks Script gets Artist Name and ID from Spotify and puts into artist table that stores IDs and Names. Script gets Artist(s) popularity for day one and puts it into artistPop table that has, in each row: a datetime stamp, artist id, and … Continue reading

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Again, I know this is no big deal but I’ve never had such an uninterrupted stretch of things working as expected. I don’t mind the unexpected or things not working as long as I don’t spend days and days trying … Continue reading

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