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My First Cron Job(s)

Learning from this great “Automated Tasks” page at Normally, I prefer stuff like this in a well-written tutorial (see below awesomeness from DigitalOcean) but the above is … wow. Tangent Sidebar: You know what’s kind of irritating? How I … Continue reading

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Deeper. And stuff.

Just installed Composer. Used that to install the latest version of PHPMailer. Watching The Fugitive for the billionth time and was inspired to search for PHP jobs in Chicago. God, I’d love to live in Chicago. Almost as much as … Continue reading

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E is for Email Part 2

As it turns out, the CentOS 7 Cookbook has oodles of yummy information that Mastering does not including a simple up-front test to see if Postfix is already installed, running, and working. First, you send a local user a message … Continue reading

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I Am So Ungrateful

Hours and hours today of stuff going right. Things installing easily and working perfectly. Updating huge chunks of code (without testing) without a problem. Then, after about twelve hours … one little thing isn’t working … and I feel like … Continue reading

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Making a Mail Server

Links so far:

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PDFtk on CentOS7

Months ago, I tested it with positive results on either Mac OSX and/or UbuntuĀ 14.04 so now I’m gonna test it on the new CentOS7. If it doesn’t work, I’ll either wipe the VPS and install CentOS6 or Ubuntu 16.04. First, … Continue reading

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End of Old Host

I downloaded everything and backed it up then canceled my old host account (though they’re still the registrar for a domain I’ll never use again — famous last words I’ve uttered many times before losing a domain I later wanted … Continue reading

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