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They Come in Threes

It’s been quite the week. Chelsea Manning was released yesterday. Today, Sweden dropped stopped the rape charges investigation against Julian Assange. I wonder what Edward Snowden is thinking right now.

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WannaCry Customer Support?

The two things I know about the victims: They use Windows XP They must pay using Bitcoin The first thought I have: Do the hostage-takers provide documentation? Even if the victims weren’t using Windows XP — which is, of course, … Continue reading

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My Site Is Secure

Just bought my first TLS/SSL certificate. Feel cool. Like I’ve gone through a rite of passage. Like I’m not an amateur. Also continuing to make php forms and such more secure in the app itself. Pretty pleased with myself. Learning … Continue reading

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Diapers and Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is a lot like a diaper. Yes, both can stop you from crapping the bed, but a grown-up shouldn’t need either one.

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Snowden for My Birthday

Film Review: Snowden Boss at my silly day job gave me a cinema chain’s gift card for my birthday so Mrs. Jotascript and I saw Snowden this morning.  I usually agree with critics and when it’s up to me (and … Continue reading

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Security Stupidity

Even with as little app-dev experience as I have, security has already become a major concern and focus for me. I’ve always been mocked for my passwords which are, for lack of a better word, “draconian.” Read this today: I … Continue reading

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gMail Security Roxor My Soxor

Tried to log in to gMail only to be told for the second time in the last few months that, due to suspicious activity, I was forced to change my password. But here’s the kicker: this time the suspect actually used … Continue reading

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