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My Second Cron Job

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I’ve been getting increasingly frequent “renew your Let’s Encrypt cert” emails but the task kept getting postponed because I didn’t have the command(s) memorized and wanted to create a cron job for it … Continue reading

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S is for Security

Google‘s gMail security is so amazing. I’ve gotten warnings before but today’s was like, wow. See a similar previous episode: gMail Security Roxor My Soxor I’m working on my app and testing an email function for which I was using … Continue reading

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I Am So Ungrateful

Hours and hours today of stuff going right. Things installing easily and working perfectly. Updating huge chunks of code (without testing) without a problem. Then, after about twelve hours … one little thing isn’t working … and I feel like … Continue reading

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They Come in Threes

It’s been quite the week. Chelsea Manning was released yesterday. Today, Sweden dropped stopped the rape┬ácharges investigation against Julian Assange. I wonder what Edward Snowden is thinking right now.

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WannaCry Customer Support?

The two things I know about the victims: They use Windows XP They must pay using Bitcoin The first thought I have: Do the hostage-takers provide documentation? Even if the victims weren’t using Windows XP — which is, of course, … Continue reading

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My Site Is Secure

Just bought my first TLS/SSL certificate. Feel cool. Like I’ve gone through a rite of passage. Like I’m not an amateur. Also continuing to make php forms and such more secure in the app itself. Pretty pleased with myself. Learning … Continue reading

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Diapers and Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is a lot like a diaper. Yes, both can stop you from crapping the bed, but a grown-up shouldn’t need either one.

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