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New (to me) Cool Books

Creating Database-Backed Library Web Pages Using Open Source Tools by Stephen R. Westman is pretty darn cool. What I love is it takes you from concept-to-completion, as it were, guiding you from the “Why” all the way through each piece … Continue reading

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ENIAC by Scott McCartney

I am a voracious and insatiable reader. I go absolutely bats**t if I experience an idle moment without a book. I would rather skip a meal than sit somewhere eating without a book. That’s why I eat lunch at my … Continue reading

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I started with free hosting that seemed relatively (compared to other free hosting) benevolent and robust (MySQL, PHP, etc.) at … in fact, it’s better than some paid hosting like GoDaddy‘s worthless $1/month plan (also, be warned, their customer … Continue reading

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Progress & Review

There are things to like and dislike about both Khan Academy and Codecademy. While the voiceovers for Khan Academy‘s programming talk-throughs are entertaining and informative, sometimes having to listen or use headphones isn’t convenient. Instructions for “assignments” and the review … Continue reading

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