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My Train of Thought Down the Internet Rabbit Hole

Stop #1 While reading Twitter, social network analysis and data jouralism¬†by Alessandro Zonin, one of many articles I found this morning during my first visit to LinkedIn‘s Data Journalism group, Stop #2 I clicked a link to an obscure book … Continue reading

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Those People At StackOverflow

Not long ago, a couple separate people I approached with questions asked if I’d shared my problem on StackOverflow. I told them that, while I always search StackOverflowExchange and find it extremely helpful, I would never ask a question myself … Continue reading

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SCORM and St. Philip Hutchison

12-18 months ago, I discovered, a delightful little site with oodles of articles and downloads that captured my interest while I tried to debug and troubleshoot problems with either Articulate Storyline, Oracle‘s Taleo Learn, or both (we still haven’t … Continue reading

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Now That’s Some Good Marketing

My name beneath the words “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” … it’s like the salesman getting you to try on the suit or sit in the car. But how much does it cost? I just yesterday, for the first time, briefly¬†considered … Continue reading

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I’ve probably mentioned that every resource I tried for learning ES6 left me completely baffled before the end of the first paragraph. Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) from is a miracle. The course is approximately one hour taken in ~1-5 … Continue reading

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Learning VIM and Stuff

At some point during your Linux learning experience, you realize you must do some file editing in the command line because your editing app of choice doesn’t have permissions to save the file in question and you really, really don’t … Continue reading

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Read quite a bit about Emacs in Richard Stallman‘s Free Software Free Society and David Beazley just said, “… your favorite code editor … hopefully, you’re using Emacs” during Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking so I just downloaded that. … Continue reading

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