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Django Unleashed

A few days ago, a recruiter contacted me via LinkedIn about a position requiring some Python and Django experience. While I do take the advice of countless articles and podcasts, applying to positions that Imposter Syndrome would otherwise preclude, I … Continue reading

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2016 Books of the Year

As with last year, these aren’t necessarily new books released in 2016. These are the books I discovered that most contributed to my learning and advancement in 2016. New books face a disadvantage in their hopes to be so honored — … Continue reading

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Beautiful Socialism

About 13 months ago, I made some maps of the 2012 election results using only the socialist candidates. If nothing else, I was curious how many votes they’d get if they all voted together instead of having seven or more … Continue reading

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BeautifulSoup is Not BS

Just completed my first BeautifulSoup tutorial and oh my gosh is there ever a reason everyone raves about it. I can’t believe I stopped to write this post before trying it on my own projects! I love that the tutorial … Continue reading

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I Am the King of Rock and Roll

Behold … I, king of the world, the greatest Python programmer in history, have succeed in the following. I wrote a script that does this wicked coolness using the Spotify API: Creates and opens an HTML file Inserts opening HTML, … Continue reading

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Darnit, Darnit, Darnit

Still working on my algorithm for use with the Spotify API. I know APIs and/or algorithms are really easy for some people but this is taking me a bit. It isn’t necessarily these topics in and of themselves that’s difficult … Continue reading

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Woo-Hoo 2! I rock even more!

I had to learn some stuff and figure some stuff out and read some stuff and watch some stuff and then … Thanks to Coding With Python :: Learn API Basics to Grab Data with Python by CodingEntrepreneurs. Still refusing … Continue reading

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