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Mars and Venus in the Bathroom

Because programming isn’t the only way I’m super-creative. These strips are several years old but I’m still unashamedly proud of them. Even way more than my short film. So far, this first one has -3 points on Imgur. Advertisements

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Worst Things I Hear On e-Learning Jobs

There are things I hear at every job that I can’t wait to never hear again. Don’t think so much Don’t overthink it Lower your expectations Your standards are too high It doesn’t need to be perfect Dumb it down … Continue reading

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The Videographer Who Hates Videos

Another pet peeve of mine (besides poorly designed excuses for “cheat sheets” and people referring to PDFs as “ebooks”) is videos. I don’t mean advertisements. Videos I did not ask for that autoplay and, even worse, those with no stop … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheet Pet Peeve

You know what I hate almost (but, really, nowhere near) as much as criminals who aren’t moral and trustworthy enough to be child-molesters so they pursue calling PDFs “eBooks” as their super-villain avocation? People who claim to provide “cheat sheets” … Continue reading

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PDF Pet Peeve

I love Acrobat and PDF. It was my favorite class to teach when I taught full-time. Fully-featured PDFs are a joy and a sign of a truly civilized culture. The only thing that makes me sadder than PDFs without bookmarks … Continue reading

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