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PDFtk on CentOS7

Months ago, I tested it with positive results on either Mac OSX and/or Ubuntu 14.04 so now I’m gonna test it on the new CentOS7. If it doesn’t work, I’ll either wipe the VPS and install CentOS6 or Ubuntu 16.04. First, … Continue reading

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Jay Pride Parade

I am so freaking proud of this dynamic PDF using templates with dynamic menus and what I’ll call “smart redaction” I just can’t stand it. I feel more creative, powerful, geeky, as well as downright handsome and sexy because of this … Continue reading

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Generate Multiple Certificates Using a PDF Template and JavaScript

Just did something at work I thought was pretty cool so I whipped out this crude tutorial. TL;DR Using JavaScript in a PDF to quickly and easily generate multiple (20-30) course completion certificates each class. Pre-Requisites You know how to … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheet Pet Peeve

You know what I hate almost (but, really, nowhere near) as much as criminals who aren’t moral and trustworthy enough to be child-molesters so they pursue calling PDFs “eBooks” as their super-villain avocation? People who claim to provide “cheat sheets” … Continue reading

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PDF Pet Peeve

I love Acrobat and PDF. It was my favorite class to teach when I taught full-time. Fully-featured PDFs are a joy and a sign of a truly civilized culture. The only thing that makes me sadder than PDFs without bookmarks … Continue reading

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Edgar Allan Poe Interactive Family Tree

Another interactive PDF created with Adobe Illustrator and enhancing in Acrobat with links, Show/Hide fields, buttons, and layers. I need to see relationships. I like patterns. In addition to the bookmarks and layers panels, the names at the top as well as … Continue reading

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Maps from the Vault

These are PDFs, not web pages, but I am nonetheless proud of the concept and final product of these interactive maps. Beginning with maps from Edgar Allan Poe, the Man by Mary E. Phillips of the Richmond, Boston, Philadelphia, and … Continue reading

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