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Fixing Other Peoples Products

The coolest thing about open source and truly free software is, of course, the ability to hack it in your own image. I learned what “open source” meant from a single anecdote in one of Richard Stallman‘s books. Once upon … Continue reading

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Recent Google Chrome Changes Alienating Hardcore Users gets added to the pile of unpleasant surprises. Chromium is open source, right? Open Source means user freedom, right? We’re, like, grownups, right? We can make our own decisions … right? The second … Continue reading

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Open Source Wallpaper

While digging through some ancient folders, I found this wallpaper I made for my (then) new Droid phone six years ago. I delighted in things as prosaic as this and editing audio for custom ringtones up to rather cool (but … Continue reading

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Jay Pride Parade

I am so freaking proud of this dynamic PDF using templates with dynamic menus and what I’ll call “smart redaction” I just can’t stand it. I feel more creative, powerful, geeky, as well as downright handsome and sexy because of this … Continue reading

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Using GitHub: Local Repo

This first version of this post might be clunky to say the least. Okay, my latest volunteer gig is with Mil-OSS. Specifically, I’m creating a website for the Central Florida chapter. One of the leaders created a GitHub repository and … Continue reading

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