My Future In Data Journalism

Is there a cooler phrase in the English language than “Data Journalism”? I didn’t think so!

The hottest thing on my To Do list this very second is Google‘s Data Journalism course.

Started the Fundamentals course on April 13, 2018. There’s also an Investigative Reporting course among many others as well as tons of Tools training and “Extra Resources” which I haven’t even looked at yet.

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Ugh … what was the site from which I first heard of “data journalism”?

Note to self … it’s bookmarked in your browser at work.

Ah-hah! It was ProPublica! Because of their Data Store! Yay!

Seriously, I’ve written about the mind-bogglingly awesome gamified eLearning at … but I can’t find that post (right now) to link to …

And now …

From Poynter

Careers & Job Descriptions

Wasn’t there one other place besides ProPublica?