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Understanding Node

I know I need it for stuff. I can install–and even update–it and use it in apps I’m building. Had no idea why I needed it or what it was doing. So I googled with no mercy until the Internet … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay NodeJS Mtg May 26

Held at Accusoft. The food was downright amazing. I had seconds. This dude came in with crutches so I offered to get him a plate of food from the little buffet they had set up. Definitely felt like I did … Continue reading

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Aaargh! Updating Node Part 2

Previously on JotaScript: Updating Node Bootstrap Part 2 TL;DR & Update: As it turns out, I’m always right–even when I’m wrong. 1) It’s always the user’s/coder’s fault and 2) the documentation was missing a crucial comma in the code. Read … Continue reading

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Free NodeJS Hosting

I thought I wrote about this a while ago but had to search for the info in my browser history and email archives to find it again. This post is/was inspired by the fact that you need to seek & … Continue reading

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What Is This?

A long time ago, I wrote a quick, useless post saying, “Wow. Amazon uses AJAX. Neato.” and it, apparently, draws in more readers than all other posts combined. I kinda feel bad that so many people probably click “Amazon Uses … Continue reading

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Updating Node

Previously: Bootstrap Part 2 Despite my mentor’s advice to just use the versions I have, I can’t do that. It’s not that I can’t use an old version, it’s that I don’t know how to update the version I have … Continue reading

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