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Self-Doubt Pays Off

TIL (Theotherday I Learned) That Word “Group” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means. Here’s my schema so you can follow what I was trying to do. My database gathers data I collect using the Spotify Web API on the popularity … Continue reading

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My Second Schema Revising

“Hmm …” he says, realizing he’ll want data viz for multiple elections and many candidates run in multiple elections … and sometimes they change parties … Where should the year go? Where the party at? Oh, man … the number … Continue reading

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My Second Schema

Last time I really worked with results from the 2016 Presidential Election was recorded for posterity in a post from December 2016. Politico never did bother to finish entering complete election results so I’ve been waiting for the FEC to … Continue reading

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What I’m Proud Of

So, I have a B.A. from one university and I completed 10 of 12 classes toward a Master’s (I stopped going when my former employer stopped paying) at another but I never put a bumper sticker on my car for … Continue reading

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Fine. One bite and baby step at a time.

Tasks Script gets Artist Name and ID from Spotify and puts into artist table that stores IDs and Names. Script gets Artist(s) popularity for day one and puts it into artistPop table that has, in each row: a datetime stamp, artist id, and … Continue reading

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So I’m Good Then

“Golly,” I thought to myself, “if my request(s) return 470 rows of data just for Alice Cooper, and I have a few other artists for whom I want to store data, and I’m considering a different table for each item’s popularity … Continue reading

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Resuming PHP Schooling

I’m always thinking, “I should finish my Presidents project,” but always putting it off because there’s something more urgent like FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, CS50, etc. but today I decided to do something fun, productive, etc. and not stress out about that … Continue reading

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