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Breaking Stuff Is Good

In preparation for integrating what I’ve learned in the Grow With Google Challenge Mobile Web course into my rockin’ app, I did some spring cleaning. Getting rid of all the files with duplicate-ish names like handle_albums2, handle_albums3,┬áhandle_albums4,┬áhandle_albums_test, and so on. … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Is Now A Tradition

I say “tradition” because, if it’s really a “habit,” that makes me very sad. It turns out, My Second Cron Job didn’t do it’s job. I looked at it (after the first few of the new batch of reminder emails) … Continue reading

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My 5-Year Plan

Jim Carrey once wrote himself a check for $20 million. In five years, I will have helped at least 1 million people get their dream jobs. I’m going to create the fastest-growing, most obviously effective training and coaching program in … Continue reading

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Time Management & Priorities

Should green squares and StackOverflow reputation be my highest priority? Sometimes, they are. Not that you can tell by looking at my StackOverflow reputation. My FreeCodeCamp timeline is completely empty because I started focusing on actual development with personal projects. … Continue reading

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States Who Gained and Lost Electoral College Votes in the Last 30 Years

While working on a data visualization and web app project about presidential elections, I noticed that several states have either gained or lost votes (based on population) in the Electoral College with each census. Some states stayed the same throughout … Continue reading

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My Second Schema Revising

“Hmm …” he says, realizing he’ll want data viz for multiple elections and many candidates run in multiple elections … and sometimes they change parties … Where should the year go? Where the party at? Oh, man … the number … Continue reading

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PHP Beach Party

The post title was going to be “Swimming in PHP” but I’m also just relaxing on PHP Beach. And dancing on PHP Beach with Annette Funicello, Yvonne Craig and Bettie Page who all take turns praising my mad PHP skillz. … Continue reading

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