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States Who Gained and Lost Electoral College Votes in the Last 30 Years

While working on a data visualization and web app project about presidential elections, I noticed that several states have either gained or lost votes (based on population) in the Electoral College with each census. Some states stayed the same throughout … Continue reading

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My Second Schema Revising

“Hmm …” he says, realizing he’ll want data viz for multiple elections and many candidates run in multiple elections … and sometimes they change parties … Where should the year go? Where the party at? Oh, man … the number … Continue reading

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PHP Beach Party

The post title was going to be “Swimming in PHP” but I’m also just relaxing on PHP Beach. And dancing on PHP Beach with Annette Funicello, Yvonne Craig and Bettie Page who all take turns praising my mad PHP skillz. … Continue reading

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And Still World’s Greatest Developer

Look at this. Am I not the world’s greatest programmer?

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It’s Miller Time

Or something. After much hard work and learning, I have the albums portion of the rockinPHP app working. Behold: and Lots more work still to do. Including getting that data into a database — the table is just a visual … Continue reading

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Two Projects At Once

I’m totally like the Bruce Lee of programmers. Totally kicking two apps’ asses at once. Stakeout–which may be changing it’s name to Scavenger Hunt–is going well. I’m working with PHP‘s zipArchive function. I’m not the first person to struggle a … Continue reading

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The Little Coder That Could

I have still been working on Stakeout but I’ve also been trying to get started on the PHP version of myRockinApp. In the many months since I last worked with the Spotify Web API, they started requiring authorization for everything … Continue reading

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