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My Site Is Secure

Just bought my first TLS/SSL certificate. Feel cool. Like I’ve gone through a rite of passage. Like I’m not an amateur. Also continuing to make php forms and such more secure in the app itself. Pretty pleased with myself. Learning … Continue reading

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Big Sigh of Relief

Exhale. Breathe in and out. You’ve earned it. All the pieces are working. Now I just need to combine¬†& consolidate some stuff (get rid of redundancy, DRY some shizzle, combine some PDO and classes to increase elegance) and write the … Continue reading

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Been Busy

Been concentrating on my new mobile app for the Private Investigation Firm (for whom I made the awesome Acro JS app) and it’s going really well. Been learning a lot about PHP, SQL and security shizzle for both. Normally, when … Continue reading

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New Typing Skills

I learned to type thirty years ago in high school. I’ve gotten pretty fast since then with some exceptions — numbers (and the other “shift” characters on those keys) slow me down. No, they don’t slow me down — they … Continue reading

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Back In the Saddle

This used to be as green as Michigan. Now it’s as gray as … as my wife tells me England is. It’s not just those six gray months. I didn’t complete anything in April or May, either.¬†I haven’t been idle … Continue reading

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G*dd**n, The Coder

Gosh dangit, I love coding! I love learning, I love making progress, I love making stuff that does stuff! Mr. Swizec took the time to review my code, hack around a bit and submit a Pull Request on my GitHub. … Continue reading

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Genius, Free Thyself

I think I’ve developed some bad mental habits over time. I should allow myself to think and act fast instead of slowing myself down. I should nurture, instead of repress, my thoughts and ideas. I should resume being unconcerned with … Continue reading

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