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A Few Key Posts

For those who feel 2+ years of a blog qualifies as TL;DR. What To Do When You Don’t Fit In Jay Pride Parade Generate Multiple Certificates Using a PDF Template and JavaScript Little Things That Give Me Hope My Future … Continue reading

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Pillar of My Perception

It is quite possible I would have been content or even happy for the last nine years if not for Mike Ilitch and people like him. Like most organizations, Little Caesar’s had various documents like the Founding Principles, Founding Philosophies … Continue reading

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Reminder to Self:

Sometimes Oftentimes, I get really depressed and down on myself. Increasingly. One of the many themes to my frequent pity-parties is, “I’ve never been offered a job–I always have to interview and beg and hope they deem me worthy.” Just … Continue reading

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Choose Your Battles

I was thrilled, at first, when HSN offered to pay me $50/hr. That was at least $15-20/hr more than most of my gigs for the twelve years. It was sold to me as: 20 hours worth of work Four weeks … Continue reading

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Hardest Work in 20 Years

Over the last six months, I’ve worked harder than I have in 20 years–since the last time I dedicated a few years to learning as much as I could and gaining as much experience as I could, often working for … Continue reading

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Learning from Media (sort of)

Lots of hype about how “realistic” Mr. Robot is. The other day, I went old school and watched The Social Network (one of my all-time favorite movies). I mention this because two things stood out to me, due to my … Continue reading

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Why Am I Doing This?

I love code. I find it mysterious, cool, and romantic. Writing code and have it become something on a web page or in a Flash piece rocks my world. I taught basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript many years ago and … Continue reading

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