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Fixing iMac WebCam

I keep meaning to post about anything that breaks and I learn to fix. I do that a lot but nowhere near as often as I learn and fix things. My latest issue was my iMac‘s webcam not working. I’d … Continue reading

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Well, Looky Here …

MacHTTP-Js Preview for MacOS Released (from and, an “open source organization supporting the MacHTTP family of web servers made for the 21st century.” Releases for Windows and Linux coming soon …

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When Apple Stickers Meant Something

Just read “The difference between iPhone users and Android users” by Zach Epstein. I can still vividly remember the moment in 2000 when I decided to buy a Macintosh computer. I’d used them in my college computer lab and, once … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Mac OS the best anymore?

Who’d have thought trying to hop between a Mac and Linux would be such a pain in the butt? It probably wouldn’t be but I don’t use Mac 100% of the time. My laptop is Ubuntu and my desktop is … Continue reading

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Learning VIM and Stuff

At some point during your Linux learning experience, you realize you must do some file editing in the command line because your editing app of choice doesn’t have permissions to save the file in question and you really, really don’t … Continue reading

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Adobe CC and El Capitan

Illustrator CC started running increasingly slower until it just started crashing. Then the whole computer started freezing in an ugly way and crashing like I’d never seen a Mac do in my 16+ years of using them. After blaming Apple … Continue reading

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Getting to Know El Capitan

Definitely loving the UI and, especially, some new icons but it looks like Apple has, yet again, moved Network Utility on us because it’s icon has become a dead question mark in my dock. This article on Finding Network Utility … Continue reading

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