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[Solved] Ubuntu Update Broke My WiFi

Preface I have Ubuntu 14.04 with linux kernel 4.4.0-113-generic on a Dell Vostro 1000. This laptop’s maxed out processor and RAM are just enough for Trusty Tahr, so upgrading to 16.04 isn’t an option. The Problem I update whenever it … Continue reading

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My First Cron Job(s)

Learning from this great “Automated Tasks” page at Normally, I prefer stuff like this in a well-written tutorial (see below awesomeness from DigitalOcean) but the above is … wow. Tangent Sidebar: You know what’s kind of irritating? How I … Continue reading

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CentOS Does Things Differently

BTW, FYI, all of these new posts are living documents as I learn. Do not assume they are complete or comprehensive. Thing #1 CWP (or, CentOS Web Panel) is a free alternative to, for example, cPanel. It looks very nice. … Continue reading

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Libraries Roxor My Soxor

Now that it seems I’m finished arguing with support peeps at my new host, things are going much more smoothly. Well, they’re going smoothly — period. It also seems that I’ve mastered using Overdrive to borrow eBooks via my local … Continue reading

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The Big Empty

Further VPS Adventures Okay, I can finally (there were some issues) log in via ssh and access my shizzle via ftp. First things would normally be install my webserver, MySQL, and php as well as configure all of those with … Continue reading

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Is Moving from Mac to Linux a Trend?

Just found “Why I Switched from OSX to Linux” in /r/Linux where I commented: This guy started to fall out of love with Mac at the same time I did. As a former, almost 30-year militant Mac fanatic, it’s surreal … Continue reading

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When Apple Stickers Meant Something

Just read “The difference between iPhone users and Android users” by Zach Epstein. I can still vividly remember the moment in 2000 when I decided to buy a Macintosh computer. I’d used them in my college computer lab and, once … Continue reading

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