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Is Moving from Mac to Linux a Trend?

Just found “Why I Switched from OSX to Linux” in /r/Linux where I commented: This guy started to fall out of love with Mac at the same time I did. As a former, almost 30-year militant Mac fanatic, it’s surreal … Continue reading

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When Apple Stickers Meant Something

Just read “The difference between iPhone users and Android users” by Zach Epstein. I can still vividly remember the moment in 2000 when I decided to buy a Macintosh computer. I’d used them in my college computer lab and, once … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Mac OS the best anymore?

Who’d have thought trying to hop between a Mac and Linux would be such a pain in the butt? It probably wouldn’t be but I don’t use Mac 100% of the time. My laptop is Ubuntu and my desktop is … Continue reading

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Learning VIM and Stuff

At some point during your Linux learning experience, you realize you must do some file editing in the command line because your editing app of choice doesn’t have permissions to save the file in question and you really, really don’t … Continue reading

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Install That Tarball in Ubuntu

Installing applications was, for a much longer time than I care to admit, the most frustrating thing about Linux. My confusion and sense of helplessness was caused by, among other things, some sources providing a ppa with which to download … Continue reading

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Make a Desktop Shortcut in Ubuntu

First of all, it’s called a “Launcher” in Ubuntu, not a “shortcut.” This tutorial shows you how to make a custom launcher when the app you just worked so hard to download and install doesn’t come with one or, and … Continue reading

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Today’s Kicking of Butts

Apps Installed (or, as I like to call it, “Beaten into submission”): Aptana Studio SeaMonkey Launchers Created: Aptana Studio SeaMonkey

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