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Everything Wrong (and Right) with eLearning in 2017

The night before last, my wife and I were talking about the radical difference in available opportunities between, say, 1990 (when I got out of the Air Force) and now. In 1990, laptops and computers were expensive. Even if you … Continue reading

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Diving Into VPS

I thought a Virtual Private Server (VPS) was just like a shared plan except it comes with nothing but I can put in anything I want. As it turns out, it’s not so simple. My first foray last Friday night was … Continue reading

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Learning to Code

Found this on reddit under the heading, “every time I try out Linux.” That was certainly true for me the first couple times but it’s been easy and heavenly this third time for the last couple years. Having said that, … Continue reading

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Not So Stupid Question

The last couple days I’ve been struggling with functions in jQuery. One of my struggles is using non-anonymous functions. In the examples I’m looking at and in the notes I keep in my handy-dandy notebook, there are no named jQuery … Continue reading

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What Next?

We see that question a lot? “I’ve just finished X course …” or “I need a project idea.” We also hear that potential employees see tons of value in someone who is active on GitHub and/or otherwise contributing to Open … Continue reading

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Everything I Need To Know I Learned from Pretty Woman

While brainstorming ideas for business/motivational articles, I came up with this: Everything I Need To Know I Learned from Pretty Woman. Including, but not limited to: You can do anything to want to–if you ain’t lost. Don’t mock ignorance. Show … Continue reading

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Debugging Isn’t Always Fun

Best thing about all this studying and learning gaining confidence in myself and my skills because: More knowledge != falling for bad code || bad instructions || bad tutorials I learn, among other things, to trust myself. It doesn’t always feel that … Continue reading

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