Cannibal Corpse. Again.

Table showing a list of musical artists and their statistics from Spotify and Last FM. Cannibal Corpse is in third place when sorted by listener to playcount ratio.
Cannibal Corpse fans can’t get enough. Good thing there aren’t any all-you-can-eat corpse buffets.

I added a new “ratio” column to my web app because I think it can be misleading to look only at Listeners, Followers, and Playcounts when comparing artists (or albums &tracks). Many people will buy an album or follow an artist because they’re popular at the moment then never listen again. Even just plays can be misleading so I wanted to know how often followers/listeners actually played that artist’s music.

I expected Bowie and Zeppelin to be at the top when sorting by ratio, but Cannibal Corpse?!

Even when comparing CC to artists with similar stats in other columns (below), they beat the snot out of … Journey, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Clapton, and Tom-Freakin-Petty & the Heartbreakers! Tom Petty solo (think “Free Fallin”) is even lower at 1:13.

Table comparing Cannibal Corpse with artists having similar statistics for Last FM playcount.

The brand-new next item on my Data Visualization to-do list is now to graph which genres have the highest listener-to-playcount ratio. I hypothesize it’s metal. According to my local record store owners, used metal on vinyl is more expensive and yet still sells faster than other genres and they absolutely can’t keep Christian Metal from flying off their shelves.