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Automate the Tedious Stuff

One of my responsibilities at my day job is maintaining this page. You might think it’s ugly now but it used to be like the rest of our site — an infinite bulleted list of text links. This responsibility includes running … Continue reading

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I Can’t Call It “Sophomore Effort”

… but, dang … I’m so happy right now … at this rate, it’s possible I might be done with this chunk of the app today …

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On a (Rock and) Roll

Have I already used that phrase?

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Swallowing My Pride and Spitting It Out

It’s not much (as a reader pointed out) but I’m quite pleased with every victory and every nugget of new knowledge. Behold, my latest victory: Now I just need to combine it with the last victory and previous victories.

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You Have No Idea

There is no greater technological accomplishment in the history of man: Not the printing press, not the plow, not radio, penicillin, birth control pills, or the computer compare to this. I am king of the world.

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Pretty Presidents

Not sitting presidents, but presidents sitting pretty. Bathed my presidents in Bootstrap (with some jQuery bathsalts) today and learned more than expected. I started with just a little jQuery to give my form fields focus: I couldn’t stop there and … Continue reading

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Duckett’s Book Is Beautiful

Finally got my hands on JavaScript & jQuery; Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett. It’s simply beautiful. The layout and design is one of those cases that changes my mind about what books can and/or have to be. I’d … Continue reading

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