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Serendipity and Service Workers

Over the last few days, I’ve been updating an Acrobat JavaScript app (totally awesome dynamic PDF that may be the one thing I’m most proud of) I made for a client and realized I could add use Service Workers in … Continue reading

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Where Were These Resources Weeks Ago?

After learning about IndexedDB in the GrowWithGoogle Mobile Web course, I’m enhancing my big personal project to create a local backup of the MySQL database using IndexedDB with PHP and jQuery If only I’d been aware of this “Google Search” … Continue reading

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Promises for Five-Year-Olds

This is a work in progress … I’m happily going through the Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship: Mobile Web course at Udacity. We use javascript promises throughout which I kinda sorta basically understood the basic concept of. I didn’t completely … Continue reading

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My Site Is Secure

Just bought my first TLS/SSL certificate. Feel cool. Like I’ve gone through a rite of passage. Like I’m not an amateur. Also continuing to make php forms and such more secure in the app itself. Pretty pleased with myself. Learning … Continue reading

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Automate the Tedious Stuff

One of my responsibilities at my day job is maintaining this page. You might think it’s ugly now but it used to be like the rest of our site — an infinite bulleted list of text links. This responsibility includes running … Continue reading

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Close To Wit’s End

I should know better than to try editing/testing code on this particular computer/network. Stuff that works anywhere else doesn’t work here. So, it might be that. But this new script is so simple. But, if it works, then I make … Continue reading

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Tabs vs Spaces Personal Preferences

I’ve always preferred tabs. While binge-watching Silicon Valley, I was totally on Richard’s side … at first. Then I thought, “But wait, if I used spaces, I might not have that problem of my code getting all ugly and confusing … Continue reading

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