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Them High-Falootin’ Fancy Words

Like a lot of Storyline slaves users, I base my pieces on Powerpoint files people send me. After I’d had quite enough, I offered to teach a Powerpoint “lunch and learn” thing. I’m quite pleased with how well-received it was … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheet Pet Peeve

You know what I hate almost (but, really, nowhere near) as much as criminals who aren’t moral and trustworthy enough to be child-molesters so they pursue calling PDFs “eBooks” as their super-villain avocation? People who claim to provide “cheat sheets” … Continue reading

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Hour of Code during Week of Comp Sci

In the midst of registering my younglings for CodeHS and CodeCombat for today’s Hour of Code. Making Homeschooling even nerdier for my future generations! Silver lining of being home for surgery recovery is spending time like this with my kids. … Continue reading

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What is Instructional Design, really?

7 Job Requirements for Real Instructional Designers Real Instructional Designers are teachers. We take knowledge from Subject Matter Experts who don’t have the skills, time, or desire to pass along their expertise effectively. Just because you can use Storyline, Camtasia,¬†or … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Killed eLearning

I rant about this frequently both on this blog and in real life. I’m linking to the article below so I have easy access to it when I need to start ranting and want to quote it. Full disclosure: I’ve … Continue reading

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Thanks, Boss

I was ready to quit my job and that is something I simply don’t do. My boss and I recently had a shouting match (yes, another one) toward the end of which, he said, among other things*, “I hear you … Continue reading

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