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Remote Camera

I don’t need one of those camera apps where you can use your phone to see who is at your front door. I need a camera aimed at my desk in my home office so, once I am at work, … Continue reading

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You know what …

F**k it. I’m going to start writing for Cracked.

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I Have A Friend

I’m sure this little Easter egg has been around for a while, but I just noticed it.

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Missing the Target Audience

Whenever I walk by section in bookstores containing shelves of “leadership” or “corporate culture” books, I get sad because they all preach to the choir. Nobody who needs to read/hear those messages would actually buy, let alone read, those books … Continue reading

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Politics Aside

This, I think, is more a killer infographic than political cartoon. I know it’s neither “comic” nor “humor” but I had to tag this post with something—I hate “uncategorized.”

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Marital Conflict

There’s a reason celebrities find it difficult to be in romantic relationships with us common folk. It’s hard for commoners to understand and deal with the lifestyles and problems of celebrities. It’s the same, to a certain extent, for doctors, … Continue reading

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Imgur Is No Match for My Brains

The pop culture references and wordplay alone in this should, finally, make my comics bigger than Gangnam Style. I mean, I used the phrase, “points of articulation” in what was already a pretty awesome play on words … I am … Continue reading

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