Remote Camera

I don’t need one of those camera apps where you can use your phone to see who is at your front door. I need a camera aimed at my desk in my home office so, once I am at work, I can see if that’s where I left my …

  • Book
  • Notes
  • charger cord
  • usb drive
  • favorite pen
  • work badge
  • wallet
  • phone … well, that wouldn’t work because I’d need my phone to use the app

Important Update: A camera in my car would be good, too, since I have to park so far away.


You know what …

F**k it. I’m going to start writing for Cracked.

Missing the Target Audience

Whenever I walk by section in bookstores containing shelves of “leadership” or “corporate culture” books, I get sad because they all preach to the choir. Nobody who needs to read/hear those messages would actually buy, let alone read, those books (or articles that get forwarded via email and shared on LinkedIn, etc.).

Today’s shining example of this phenomenon is Mary Pascaline‘s IBT story, Edward Snowden Warns Against Relying On Facebook for News.

Nobody who would listen to Snowden (or read the International Business Times?) depends on Facebook for their news.

Politics Aside

This, I think, is more a killer infographic than political cartoon.


I know it’s neither “comic” nor “humor” but I had to tag this post with something—I hate “uncategorized.”

Marital Conflict

There’s a reason celebrities find it difficult to be in romantic relationships with us common folk. It’s hard for commoners to understand and deal with the lifestyles and problems of celebrities. It’s the same, to a certain extent, for doctors, politicians, and those in the military — it takes a relatively rare kind of spouse to function and forgive when their husband or wife is gone most of the time, sometimes leaving with little or no notice.

It’s also hard for geeks to be married to non-geeks. Particularly techies married to those who get lost in Microsoft Office. This private investigator I did some work for offered me a contract gig doing “deep web research” and my wife flipped out worse than the time she caught me playing Uplink and thought it was real. We got into an all-night argument about whether it was legal and/or safe. I wrote her the following email which you may find helpful:

To my beloved bride,

Most people say “hacker” when they mean “cracker.” Most people say “internet” when they mean “world wide web” or “my ethernet cable” (for example, they say, “the internet is down” instead of “my connection is bad.”)

I got the following from a subreddit I love called “ELI5,” a place people go when they don’t understand something and want people to “explain like I’m five.”

The Surface Web is anything that a search engine can access. Search engines rely on pages that contain links to find and identify content.

The Deep Web is anything that a search engine can’t access.

The Dark Web then is classified as a small portion of the Deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers. The most famous content that resides on the Dark Web is found in the TOR network. The TOR network is an anonymous network that can only be accessed with a special web browser, called the TOR browser. This is the portion of the Internet most widely known for illicit activities because of the anonymity associated with the TOR network.

The “deep web” is any place you have to go out of your way to get into — mostly databases to which have to log in (legally, and usually free) or use an API (write a few lines of code using an Application Programming Interface)., for example, is in “the deep web” as is much content provided by dynamic web sites (which are database-driven, creating content based on user activity).

The “dark web” isn’t illegal in and of itself but, as the redditor said, illegal stuff likes it there just as bugs and other nasty creatures like dark, moist, warm places under carpets and dumpsters. Being on the dark web doesn’t mean you’re breaking the law, it just means you’re paranoid (legitimately or not). Libertarians and people who use Bitcoin love the dark web.

Imgur Is No Match for My Brains

The pop culture references and wordplay alone in this should, finally, make my comics bigger than Gangnam Style.


I mean, I used the phrase, “points of articulation” in what was already a pretty awesome play on words … I am SO brilliant and cool.