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Promises for Five-Year-Olds

This is a work in progress … I’m happily going through the Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship: Mobile Web course at Udacity. We use javascript promises throughout which I kinda sorta basically understood the basic concept of. I didn’t completely … Continue reading

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Lost My iShizzle

The iMac has been freezing lots again. So I updated El Capitan — not to Sierra, just updated the Capitan. Googling Sierra tells me there’s lots of freezing for that, too. Perhaps I should have stayed with Mavericks. Man … … Continue reading

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File Uploading Madness

The web app on which I’m working will include (sorry for the passive voice) a page for the user to upload an “observation.” As of last week, this small form included: Two menus (Case, Action) from which the user selects … … Continue reading

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Close To Wit’s End

I should know better than to try editing/testing code on this particular computer/network. Stuff that works anywhere else doesn’t work here. So, it might be that. But this new script is so simple. But, if it works, then I make … Continue reading

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Holy Crap. Am I in the Overlook Maze?

It’s been so long since I switched this project from Python to JavaScript, I’d forgotten why. On Oct 24, 2016 — over three months ago — I gave up on doing it in Python because–wait for it–I couldn’t get the … Continue reading

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Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde!

Or, if Napoleon (as quoted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) isn’t your thing and you prefer German historical figures (as recorded for posterity in Inglorious Basterds) … Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Or, if you voted for Trump … JavaScript is rigged. Bad! I was … Continue reading

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SCORM Exchange Excitement

I willingly subscribe to a very small handful of things. One of them is Philip Hutchison‘s updates on his forthcoming book because I couldn’t be more excited about it. I think it’s important and exciting enough to share—the thoughts and … Continue reading

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